My story

I was between 10 and 14 years when I started to have some interest in having a computer at home. I don’t remember why, since I didn’t even know anybody with one. Finally my parents bought me one as a present.

At the beginning I didn’t pay much attention to it. I just remember doing a course in Basic in the school and some first steps at home with the book. I wanted to know how the programs were made. It wasn’t until I got to the institute I started to pay more attention… to play. Yes, and also a bit to make some of the works for some subjects. In the very last minute, when I had to pick which degree to study in University, I had a moment of hesitation. I didn’t know if letting me be led by my instinct and study Computer Science or letting me be led by what was trendy then and study Telecommunication Engineering. In the end, and almost saved by the bell, I chose Computer Science.

Years of study, jobs to start in the working market, internships to start in my professional market, until I got to the company that, I think, marked everything I have done in my career.

The Information Highway Group (IHG for us). I got there in a completely new world for me… and the rest of the people: Internet and new technologies. It was 1999 when I started working in this Internet Consultancy. I developed online shops, B2B portals, I had my own email address. I felt like I was living in the future. It was also the company where I started developing in Java. I saw it clear, I wanted to spend the rest of my professional life connected to new technologies. And so it has been. Despite of being a privileged spectator of the crash of the bubble of Internet.

Then I went to CIRSA where I participated, as Developer and Manager, in the development of what was meant to be the fist online casino in the country. Afterwards, seven years in Gigames where I became Technical Manager, managing (and also as developer) one the of the teams in charge of the development of one of the first slot machines, in the country, for bars and arcades with video technology.

After all this time an opportunity came up to live an experience I was waiting for a long time: my wife and I left everything behind in Barcelona and moved to The Netherlands. More specifically to Haarlem. A place we fell in love of, in spite of living only one year. During all this time I worked as Senior Java Developer in Online and T-Mobile (company that bought us a few months later I joined). One year later we started a new adventure, leaving The Netherlands and moving to London.

After a few months not as good as I expected, I worked as Senior Java Developer in LVS. Although for a short period of time, since in July 2012 we decided to go back to Barcelona.

In the middle of the overwhelming return to home, I started working in King in October 2012, where I still am. It wasn’t easy since, by then, it wasn’t the well known company it is nowadays (actually, Candy Crush lasted still one month in going live for mobile devices). It was starting to grow up, the studio in Barcelona was completely new and our aim was to form ourselves as studio, at the same time we knew each other and developed our first mobile games.

I started in Papa Pear Saga, an amazing team, in which I was the Senior Backend Developer. But I also made tasks as Scrum Master, support to Producer and stay in contact with QA. More than a year of a great work before being moved to Bubble Witch Saga 2 team, where I stayed “on loan” helping the team before being moved, again, to the new project I am now. My third game in four years, and the greatest challenge so far. Top Secret, by the way!